Call for Paper

Asian Journal of Knowledge Management (AJKM)
ISSN: 2289-6287

Call for Papers 

Asian Institute of Knowledge Management would like to invite researchers, scholars, academicians, professionals, industry experts and management consultants  from all over the world to publish their work in our journal (ISSN: 2289-6287) on any topic relevant to aim & scope of the journal includes:

Knowledge Management Input

Knowledge management enablers
•    learning and eLearning,
•    trust and culture
•    leadership skills and manager skills,
•    information technology support;
•    business strategy

Knowledge Management Process

Knowledge creation
•    knowledge creation process,
•    strategic creation and strategic plan;

Knowledge conversion
•    critical & emotional thinking,
•    business analytical skills,
•    management analysis and
•    human resource management skills;

Knowledge communication and sustainability
•    entrepreneurship skills,
•    customer relation & communication,
•    economic resource planning,
•    enterprise resource planning,
•    corporate governance and corporate social responsibility;

Knowledge change
•    change management,
•    risk management,
•    re-inventing & re-engineering;

Organisation creativity and innovation

Knowledge Management Outcome

Organisation performance
•    financial measurement,
•    balance scorecard,
•    benchmarking and
•    competitive advantage
•    productivity

Applications of Knowledge Management

Knowledge-based economy and development
•    Efficient use of existing & new knowledge
•    Effective creation, dissemination and processing of information
•    Effective system of firms, research centers & organizations to tap new knowledge
•    Creation, sharing and transferring of knowledge
•    Talent development and retention

Knowledge management in the energy Sector
•  New resource revolution
•  Renew energy development
•  Energy Innovation

Knowledge management in the public sector
• Public sector structural change
• Fiscal Management and issues

Knowledge management in the service sector
• Knowledge management in accounting practices
• Knowledge management in management consulting
• Knowledge management in financial services
• Knowledge management in private healthcare services

Knowledge management in the manufacturing sector

Knowledge management in the property development & construction industry

Submission of manuscript

All submitted works will be reviewed rigorously and will be accepted after the positive response of reviewers. All the submissions should be original and free from plagiarism; it should not have been published elsewhere.

Currently there are no submission, processing or publication fees in this journal.
Our objective is to notify authors of the decision on their manuscript(s) within four weeks of submission. Following approval, a paper will normally be published in the next issue.

The AJKM is fully committed to the Open Access Initiative and all articles will be available freely as soon as they are published.

AJKM also invite competent scholars and academicians to voluntarily join our review/editorial board. We would appreciate it if you could share this information with your colleagues and associates.

All manuscripts and editorial correspondence pertaining to articles and related matters should be addressed to:

The Chief Editor
Asian Institute of Knowledge Management Sdn Bhd
5, Jalan 3/125D, Desa Petaling, 57100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +603-9057 2233  Fax: +603-90571323
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