Asian Institute of Knowledge Management (AIKM) is a training, learning and research institute dedicated to help individuals and organizations thrive in the competitive globalized knowledge-based economy.

In AIKM, we focus on helping organizations and enterprises in the followings areas:-

  1. Creating KM Strategy, Plan and Map;
  2. Identify the critical KM factors and enablers;
  3. Develop KM Process model;
  4. Develop suitable KM framework;
  5. Implement KM initiative and programme;
  6. Implement innovation process; and
  7. Improve organizational efficiency and performance
  8. Carry out effective measurement on organizational performance

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Call For Paper

Asian Journal of Knowledge Management (AJKM)
ISSN: 2289-6287

Call for Paper 1

Asian Institute of Knowledge Management would like to invite researchers, professionals, academicians and scholars from all over the world to publish their work in our journal (ISSN: 2289-6287). Please click the link: http://www.asianikm.com/call-for-paper/


Asian Journal of Knowledge Management Vol.6 No.1

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