Assoc. Prof. Dr. Stanley Yap

Associate Professor Dr Stanley Yap is the Dean. Graduate School of Business and Centre of Continuing Education of SEGi University Kota Damansara. He was an Associate Professor and Vice Dean of the Faculty of Business, Management and Social Science of Quest International University, Perak.

Associate Professor Dr Yap was a Visiting Professor of Sultan Idris Education University Academic Advisory Board and member of the Malaysian Financial Planning Council Exam Board, speaks at Public Workshops. His recent assignment was teaching Financial Accounting to a group of 60 medical doctors at Public Health Institute, Ministry of Health of Sudan as part of Open University Malaysia Hospital Management Programme.

Dr Yap is a HRDF Certified Trainer and is a member of the Chartered of Institute of Marketing and Fellow (Academic) member of the Association of International Accountants respectively.

Dr Yap has more than twenty years of experience as an educator and researcher in fields as diverse as Accountancy, Financial Planning, Franchising and Internationalisation, Banking and Finance, Marketing Management, Transaction Cost Economics and Entrepreneurship combined and have been attached to a number of local as well as multinational companies. Dr Yap’s roles in these organisations besides creating wealth include running the day-to-day operations, devising advertising & promotions campaigns, developing sponsorship marketing, partnership programmes and franchise projects.